Psychological Assessment

Psychological Assessment comprises of Thematic Apperception Test(TAT), Word Association Test (WAT),Situation Reaction Test (SRT) and Self-Description (SD) evaluation. You can get the psychological test battery on buying this service. You can respond to various tests under the time constraints set as per the SSB norms and send it back as an email to Scholar Buzz Publications( Dr. Cdr. N.K Natarajan will evaluate your responses and council you for improving your approach which will enhance your performance in psychological test to a great extent.

This will be a one -time process and the expected response time is 3 to 4 days. It is strongly recommended that you go through this process only after watching the 16 hours of power packed video lectures on SSB Interview by Dr. Cdr. N.K Natarajan which is a highly acclaimed product in its category in India.

Skype Mock Interview

Interview Technique is the easiest to crack in the SSB as most of the questions are known beforehand. However, every answer that the candidate gives, leads into further questions and often candidates fall into the trap. Since, each candidate’s life stories are different; their responses to questions are also different. Hence, there cannot be a standard template of answers that can fit all. Thus it is highly recommended to go through a mock interview with Dr. Cdr. N.K Natarajan using Skype which can prepare you for an excellent interview experience at the SSB.

If you understand the concepts clearly and practice a little under an able coach, this is the easiest test to crack in the SSB Interview. Dr. Cdr. N.K Natarajan being a PhD in Psychology and an experienced assessor at SSB has helped 1000’s of candidates in performing well in the SSB Interview. He is undisputedly the best coach for SSB Interview in India.


  1. Spot-on and Correct your Faults
  2. Learn Qualities that you Lack
  3. Learn how to Improve your Responses
  4. Gain Confidence to do Well in Psych Tests
  1. Get Better Insight into your Personality
  2. Advise on response Modeling
  3. Make a Convincing Story of Your Life
  4. Boost your Confidence for the Actual Interview

Fees: MRP Rs 1500/-

Deal Price – 1200/-

To avail the Psych Assessment Book an Appointment

Fees: MRP Rs 2,500/-

Offer Price – 2,000/-

To avail the Skype Mock Interview Book an Appointment

Student Feedback

It was a great thing to go through the interview real time. I've got inputs that nobody else would have been able to provide and I'm sure it will help me prepare better. My sincere thanks to Sir and Team Scholar Buzz for providing such a tool for ssb preparations.

Kiran Deepak Raut

very valuable insight and feedback from the psychological assessment. very thankful.

Parth Jakhar

When interview was over, It was so relieving that, u come to know about the areas where u must present yourself in a very constructive way in front of IO. I will suggest this very strongly 2 fresher's, if they really want to go through sab.

Vishav deshwal

Hi Scholar Buzz Team, It is a valuable product you made for defense aspirants.Though being in my busy schedule i completed my training bcz of this product and got fair enough idea to clear the SSB process. I would like to thank Natarajan sir for all the efforts put to make this kind of successful products that really shows the education and learning is changing even in INDIA. Sir, the details and steps you are providing to clear one's SSB process are game changing with saying that if someone can start with blank face and after all video lessons will comes out with smiley face with expression "Yes i know it now". Rating:10/10 (No doubt with that)???? Now looking forward to learn through skype mock interview session !!

Sandeep Kumar

I think what I have learnt in a very short span of time, it will be good enough for me to clear psychology test. Now I don't wonder, why candidates git recommended in 4th or 5th,etc attempts because whatever they wrote in the test, there is no feedback to it, so no realisation of their mistakes. But NK sir will remind you of your mistake and will give you the chance to correct yourself. I will now highly recommend the candidates to go for this psych test, at least for once. Rest is the luck and good wishes.

Vishav deshwal

I have gone through all your videos sir. It is very helpful. With everything given in your book when u again explained it through various videos I got myself cleared about most of my is really very helpful

Rubayed islam nibeer

Viewed all your videos of all test sir...I got my weak points from your explanations..Very helpful sir...

Tamil Mannan

t was a great experience,the best part is that u will get the same feel of ssb interview and a must needed feed back which includes where we went wrong.

Mohit kumar Gaur

I had taken interview from Natrajan Sir, its been great experience. It was actually like a real one and got to know on which areas need to improve. Sir's feedback and suggestions were really helpful in SSB interview. Thanks a lot Sir!! Jai Hind!

Snehal Pandey

It was a great experience,the best part is that u will get the same feel of ssb interview and a must needed feed back which includes where we went wrong.

Partap malik

This really helped me.Thank You


I got a clear idea about what needs to be done there.I realized my mistakes which I had done in my previous attempts which I can easily improve now with practice.Thank you Sir.


Hey guys, i have given the psychological test and my interview. It is very helpful.came to know where i am lagging. Which part i have to work more.It is very helpful to be preassesed before ssb. Just go for it.

Kul bhushan

This really helped me. Go for it guys. Jai Hind


Hi guys,I got assessd in interview and psych. I have been to ssb 3 times. The basement was really as real as in the ssb. Came to know about my weak and strong qualities. In psych I was a mediocre performer. And got marks report of each olq. It was very helpful. Thank-you Natrajan sir

Chetan siloth

Been to SSB 10 times was not able to analyse where i am going wrong but after this assessment got to know the areas where i need improvements and areas where i am strong, i must say this assessment is highly recommendable to every aspirant. Thank you Natarajan Sir and team Scholar buzz.

Shivam Kumar

a great experience. Thanks team

Tanmay Jha

The assessment got me out as a high borderline case. I know my weaknesses now.

Dinesh Rajpurohit

Very Good Experience. Thank you Natarajan Sir and team Scholar buzz

Akash Sharma

I had an amazing experience. I cant believe this. I was in the impression that my responses were really good and don't know why I was getting rejected. But when I got this assessment done, it was an eye opener. Guys if you want to see how you will be assessed in the SSB Just go for it.

Manish Singh